When HERMES began its activity in 1992, it was a time of great political and economic changes of not only domestic but also global importance. A new reality was being born in which nobody was able to predict what would happen the next day. In fact, the only belief was that desired results could be achieved through good organization and appropriately hard work; and that the results would last as long as there would be plenty of operational prudence, modesty and solidarity amongst people who perform that work together.

Today, thanks to the commitment of its employees, HERMES is one of the biggest companies bottling natural spring water and producing a wide range of soft drinks based on that very water.




Hermes Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Włoszakowice, was established in 1992.

The company’s market activity is aimed at bottling still and sparkling water as well as popular soft drinks.
The production is based on natural spring water drawn from quaternary deposits located in one of the ecologically purest areas of Wielkopolska region. The water is not subject to any kind of treatment – its advantages include high clarity as well as microbiological and chemical purity. It is classified as medium-mineralised low sodium water for common everyday consumption.

HERMES constantly aspires after operational reliability and constant optimization of offered beverage products. The company’s goal is also to respond accurately to consumer preferences and trends in the modern dynamic distribution channels.
The offered range of beverage products includes diverse sizes of beverage packaging (PET bottles),
with capacities of: 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L 2,0L i 5.0L.

In order to meet the safety and legality requirements for the products, the HACCP system and the BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety, 7th edition (certified by TÜV NORD POLSKA), were implemented in all areas of the enterprise.


Since 2004, each year, HERMES has been receiving the title of “Business Gazelle” in a prestigious ranking of the fastest growing companies in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship organised by the widely read daily “Puls Biznesu”. The Wielkopolska Association for Quality Research awarded HERMES the BEST QUALITY Certificate – “for the best quality of its bottled soft drinks, sparkling and still waters, based on a modern technological potential, competent staff and on the analysis of consumer preferences”.

The Best Quality Emblem

Since 2013, we have been holding the Laureate title and the Quality International Silver Best Quality Emblem in the Quality International National Best Quality Programme, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and Polish ISO 9000 Forum in the categories:
– best quality management;
– QI PRODUCT – best quality product: Amita carbonated and non-carbonated spring water. For 2015, we received the Laureate title and the Gold Emblem in the category QI product for the best quality product: HERMES natural carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water.

Forbes Diamonds

Forbes Diamonds is a ranking of the most dynamic Polish companies.

In 2014 and 2015, we received a Forbes award: the FORBES DIAMONDS.

Business Gazelles

The Business Gazelles is a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses.

We have received awards in this competition since 2003.

Business Gazelles is a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses. The first edition of the Business Gazelles ranking was held in 2000. A Gazelle is a small or medium company which, thanks to its extremely dynamic development, performs excellent even among much larger competitors.

The ranking is published yearly by Coface Poland, the credit bureau responsible for verifying the financial data of the participating companies.

The ranking is published in print as a 200-page special brochure sold with the December issue of “Puls Biznesu”. In addition, the dedicated gazele.pl website features a complete database of Business Gazelles, i.e. all companies that have been awarded since 2000.

After announcing the ranking, from December to March, “Puls Biznesu” holds special ceremonies in 12 Polish cities during which, in the presence of regional authorities, the winners are presented the ranking statuettes and diplomas. It is also an opportunity to meet the best managers and deepen one’s knowledge on various sectors.

Business Gazelles rankings are compiled each year by economic dailies belonging to the Swedish Bonnier Press Group. Apart from “Puls Biznesu”, its sister newspapers in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Slovenia develop similar rankings. The selection criteria of Gazelles are adapted to the local economic conditions of the relevant countries, but the goal is the same everywhere: to promote small and medium businesses.

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